Review: Naka



Yelp! Review of the Day

I lament that my pay cheque won’t stretch far enough to wrap up Naka and leave a little bow on top. I have too little cash for all the treasures I covet, for myself and for my loved ones. Unfortunately for me, Naka is one of those rare boutiques which stocks many local, one of a kind, artistic items bursting with creativity and personality. The sparklies and shinies beg me to take them home with glistening pendants and shimmering gems. How can I choose just one!?

Ferndale, you are a lucky, lucky community to have Naka at your heart. The selection is a changing smorgasbord highlighting the immense wealth of inspiring artisans and imaginative designers in the area. The staff must have a network second to none, save perhaps the DIA, in coming up with the unique pieces they find. I can’t walk by twice without stopping in, finding something brand new or that I overlooked before. And I’m no jewelry fiend either, with entire arboretums to hang bracelets, rings, and many things off of. (I wish.) Elizabeth Taylor would have waltzed through in delight if she had the opportunity.

Best of all, it’s so wholly local and Michigan-friendly. I don’t like kitschy stores that push tourist tack and knick-knacks off on consumers. Naka doesn’t do that. They showcase artists and fine artisans, give great touches for the Mitten-based designs, and keep it clean, functional, and eminently beautiful. I’ve received a lot of compliments for the pieces I purchased; I know my family’s going to be thrilled to have their little piece of the neighbourhood back home. I like knowing I’m supporting the local economy and shopping local.

There are other gift items, just as carefully selected. I like the paper goods, and the changing, updated supply guarantees I won’t be stuck with the same selection next season or whenever a birthday/wedding/anniversary/holiday rolls around.

The whole fastidious shop never feels crowded, and the atmosphere never radiates exclusiveness and unfriendliness as some places do. It’s a laid back, friendly, attentive place where you can probably find that perfect gift.

I love Naka, and I love it being in Ferndale. Yay!