Writing Credits

Anthologies/Short Stories:

“Australia Potentia Est,” The Letter. 2011.

“Oubliette,” A Walk in Moonlight. 2012.

“A Mirror Darkly,” Tales from Seifort. 2013.

“A Mirror Cracked,” Apocalypse Pending. 2013.

Novels and Novellas:

Harbinger, Book One of the City of Spires, 2012.

Canticle, Book Two of the City of Spires, 2013.

Coming Soon:

Nocturne, Book Three of the City of Spires, Summer 2013.

Thistles and Heather: Visions of Edinburgh. 2013.

Project Ennersea:

Ennersea Excerpt: BarbarianWinter 2012. [Originally: 2006]

Ennersea Excerpt: Clerics, Winter 2012. [Originally: 2006]

 Aspects of the Champion, Spring 2006.

Aspects of the Mythic, Spring 2006.

Ennersea Sourcebook, Winter 2012. [Originally: 2000]

Ennersea: Grand Cray, Winter 2013. [Originally: 2002]

Ennersea: The Black Diamond, Winter 2012. [Originally: 2002]

Ennersea: The Dragon Flight, Spring 2013. [Originally: 2005]

EnnerseaDreams of the Myriad, Spring 2013. [Originally: 2006]