Editing Examples:
Senior Writer Practice Exam
Westwind Project Profile

Internal Communications Samples:
A Visit to the Marketplace: eLearning Script
A Visit to the Marketplace: Captivate
A Visit to the Marketplace: Newsletter Article
A Visit to the Marketplace: Service Bulletin
National Novel Writing Month: Preparation Presentation
Out of Pocket Maximum Wiki Page
GenuCorp Customer Service Article

External Communications Samples:
Go North Provider Notice
Go North Provider Letter
Go North Member Benefits Letter
Go North Member Reimbursement Letter

Ukiyo Sushi Menu
Veterans History Project Article
Westwind: RFP – Cover Letter
Westwind: Maeve Morgan – Sample Resume

Training Samples:
Kraft-URS Annual Safety Perception Survey
Kraft Wastewater Treatment Process Training Presentation
SAP Tutorial: 52 Week Plan
SAP Tutorial: Login and Account Configuration

Administrative/Template Samples
Westwind Meeting Minutes

Academic Samples:
Green Alternatives for a Blue World: Ocean and Hydrogen Energy (Presentation)
Herodotus’ Women: Historical Fragments from Ancient Greece (Essay)
Qui Tacet Consentit: The War Effort and the Japanese People, 1936-1945 (Essay)