Review: Corridor Sausage Company

Corridor Sausage CompanyCorridor Sausage Company
5 stars


Yelp! Review of the Day

This little Yelper went to Eastern Market,
And this little Yelper got pig,
And this little Yelper tried Vietnamese chicken,
And my god, get the lamb and fig.
And juniper and garlic, red mole turkey, and apple sage OMNOMNOMNOM all the way home.

Pork heaven awaits in the freezers and the sample trays at Corridor Sausage Company. My beau’s eyes light up whenever he catches a glimpse of their stall at Eastern Market, a humble whiteboard identifying today’s temptations ready to kibosh any earlier dinner plans. Sausages are sold in packages of four for $6 to $12, depending on your preference in a flavourful parade that strongly represents more spiced and zippy varieties. Truly, the sausage scions are some kind of wizards in the kitchen, coming up with pairings meant to knock your socks off.

Vietnamese chicken gives a powerful kick without overpowering the palate, a perfect option for a hot summer night or a cold winter evening along with a side of rice and grilled veggies. Juniper and garlic never, ever goes wrong. It’s a taste of the north country that somehow captures a bit of smokiness and clean water, among my favourites. Lamb and fig explores a combination of sweet and savory in ways that I never expected to work, and yet does. I’m sparing with my purchases because a few packages of this and that can quickly rack up the costs, but it’s well worth the occasional indulgence. Otherwise, I’d gain 50 pounds easily enough.

I can wax on about the fresh ingredients, the inventive and truly delicious arrangements, and the excellent presentation of their sausages and brats. But I’ll let the other Yelp reviews stand in and add my voice to the chorus: they’re a wonderful, delicious company. I haven’t found one flavour that went wrong. Corridor Sausage delights in providing samples to try and information about their products, including sources for herbs, meats, and everything in between. They pride themselves on offering Michigan foods and local products, which I wholeheartedly support.