A Visit to the Marketplace

Sockpuppet Pat

“A Visit to the Marketplace” is computer-based training (CBT) issued to all customer service and account service representatives at Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan (BCBSM). The eLearning familiarizes the audience with the mandates and changes to health care introduced by the Affordable Care Act (ACA) using an innovative, conversational question-and-answer format.

Feedback for the ‘A Visit to the Marketplace’ eLearning:
eLearning Quiz
“We all had our roles to play – but I can tell you, there’s no way this could’ve been done without the script you guys drew up. Heck, we wouldn’t have even had this idea without you guys.”
Ryan Blixt, Senior Media Designer, Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan

“This is not a pretty awesome product – it is a totally awesome product. One of the best pieces of eLearning work I’ve seen come out of our department.

  • Excellent collaboration
  • Creative ideas and presentation
  • Smooth execution and delivery
  • Great mix of needed learning details and visual breaks
  • And most importantly, sock puppets

Awesome job!”
James Konkel, Manager – Operational Development and Learning, Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan

“I was on the ODLM Project meeting today and there was some really good feedback about your NHR eLearning. Some of the comments were that it was easy to understand, interactive, professional, nice that questions are not just left to the end and well done. I just completed the CBT and totally agree. Very nice. Thank you.”
Kim Forbes, Project Leader – Strategy and Support, Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan