Review: Bruce Duchan, DDS

Bruce Duchan, DDS (Dentist) 4 Star Review

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Doctor Duchan runs a no-frills practice in Royal Oak just down the road from the sweet factory at Pronto and Oakland Community College. You could drive by and miss the modest one storey building, unless searching for parking during one of the many festivals. But inside hides one of the nicest dentists I’ve met, and the sort of practice that brings in all members of the family.

Doctor Duchan is a friendly, sweet-tempered man who comes out to shake your hand, to ask how you are doing, and to put you at ease. His attentiveness beats the brusque dentists who show up long enough to shove a drill in your mouth and mutter cryptic dental slang over the whir and squeal of machines. Never rushed in bearing and always ready to dispense a smile or helpful information, he personifies a style of dentistry that puts focus on the patient’s needs. I imagine he’s great with kids.

I came for a check up and a periodic cleaning on my last visit, and expressed concerns about sweet/cold sensitivity in a filled molar. The x-rays and cleaning passed like a charm, all the while Doctor Duchan explaining some of the processes and options permitted by my insurance, possibilities for the tooth sensitivity, and a run down of good hygiene he’d like a young woman of my age to focus on. I had no idea, for instance, that I would be entitled to more frequent visits during pregnancy and post-labour. Not that I intend to be in the motherly way any time soon, but this is a useful tidbit probably buried in nine menus of legalese on my insurance provider’s website.

He’s also a funny man, which sure helps when the drills come out. I’m nonplussed about dental work, but I sure like someone who can smile and tell good stories to help the time pass. He’s got a light touch and his hygienist (whose name I cannot recall, but she was returning to school soon) was quick with the suction tube and a total sweetheart. What more can you ask for in a dentist?

Best still, Doctor Duchan does much of his own paperwork and follow-up. He answers his own phones, leaves personal messages, and answers questions rather than letting an admin or hygienist field all the details when sometimes you need pertinent advice. Not that the staff isn’t helpful — they are an equally lovely bunch with the same down to earth, lovely Midwestern personalities I’ve come to appreciate so much. They help keep things running smoothly.

He sent me off with a bag full of travel-sized toothpastes and was utterly apologetic for running out of floss, so I got several of those mini-flossers which are perfect to stash in a purse. My postcard reminding me to go for another checkup showed up a bit ago and when I had to miss an appointment due to an emergency work meeting, Doctor Duchan was totally understanding and great about letting me cancel without a penalty.

Fine office, fabulous people. It may not be sleek and swanky with chrome and Apple-like white glass everywhere, but it doesn’t need to be when you get quality health care at an affordable price, with a staff who knows what they are doing.