Yelp Weekly Reviews

Featured articles in the Yelp! Weekly newsletter for Detroit, Michigan.

Detroit’s Ice Cold Chillin’: Clark’s Ice Cream (Berkley) “You’re tempting fate with anything larger than a modest scoop on the kid’s cone if you ate in the last eight hours. The portion sizes are generous heaps that dwarf the little flimsy wrapper holding up a monumental curl of drippy ice cream.”

Detroit’s Down For Donuts: Donut Cutter (Berkley) “A visit there transforms even the mildest mannered of people and self-confessed pastry passer-uppers (totally a syndrome) into Homer Simpson in the land of doughnuts.”

Magnificent Mac ‘n Cheese: Mac Shack (Detroit) “The choice of rich temptations runs from plain cheese to artery-clogging Bacon Made Me Do It. I favored Kho San Road: an avenue to spicy, lip-tingling peaks of bliss. Sriracha… two tiny fresh lime wedges, sprouts, and more, hits just the right notes.”

It’s Not You. It’s Yelp.: Peteet’s Famous Cheesecake (Oak Park) “Rich, luscious, diet-destroying” – nah, Heather J isn’t describing her last OKCupid connection, she’s talking about her recent meetup with a trio of Red Velvet, Turtle and Sweet Potato cheesecakes that “damn near melt on your tongue.”

Yelping in a Winter Fun-derland!”: This Weekly’s here with wintertime activities sure to please everyone! In Hamtramck, the folks from Planet Ant Theatre are tickling Heather J’s funny bone thanks to “some of the finest improv in the Midwest.” Bonus? Monday nights are just $5!

Yelp’s All Wrapped Up!: In Detroit, The Peacock Room’s “eclectic collection of jewelry, vintage clothing, and accessories” gives Heather J reason “to get carried away” this season. Plus, their “romantic yet edgy selection of designer labels, indie darlings and local fixtures” is sure to cater to any gal who needs a little gifting. (November 21, 2012)

Yelp’s Social Petworking: Nothing’s worse than when you four-legged friend is under the weather. Luckily, Little Friends of Ferndale is there to give them a new leash on life. Dr. Burke ensures that Heather J’s “uncomfortable feline is purring in her hands on the exam table.” (October 31, 2012)

Yelp Goes To Lunch Lady Land: In Ferndale, Heather J dubs Dino’s baked [mac and cheese a] “masterpiece, a heart-clogging concoction of four melted cheeses saturating elbow macaroni.” (October 10, 2012)

How Do You Like Yelp’s Apples?: At cash-only Dexter Cider Mill, Heather J “hopes the donut fairies don’t retire back to cider-land” before she gets hers, seeing as “hot or cold cider, cider slushies, or cider tea” wash down her ‘nuts nicely. (September 26, 2012)

Yelping Royal Oak: If drinking at home is more your speed, stock up at Cloverleaf, “an exceptional wine shop tucked underneath the former power station.” Heather J can hardly wine about their selection: “Alongside French, Italian, Australian, and South American options are local wineries and lesser known Michigan vendors.” We’ll drink to that (and almost anything else, really.) (August 22, 2012)

Yelp Spreads the Love: Would your boo care for a little bijou? Visit Naka in Ferndale for a “local, one-of-a-kind, artistic” piece that’ll “burst with creativity and personality,” kinda like your date! The only possible problem Heather J can imagine you’ll encounter is choosing between the “sparklies and shinies!” And let’s not forget the fellas. (February 8, 2012)

Yelp’s 2012 New Biz Roundup: Time for a beverage. Over in Ferndale, The Red Hook offers Stumptown pour overs and vegan-friendly Pinwheel pastries, which is exactly what puts the wind beneath Heather J’s wings. (January 18, 2012)